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Email Marketing Services

Email marketing today is becoming the most effective way to market your website. Businesses of all sizes and types can use opt-in email list and bulk mailing programs to yield new sales for any products they sell. To help you succeed in your email marketing campaigns, we offer professional services which includes dedicated SMTP server with with DKIM and SPF support and a powerful web based email marketing script (SMTPSwitch Mailer) which can be used for efficient email marketing and reliable email delivery.

In addition, we offer professional email validation services via online dashboard or via API in Advanced Email Verifier (AEV) or JAVA client. Our services goes beyond email validations; we can detect emails with Greylisting enabled, Catch-all emails, Role/Function accounts, Disposable Email Addresses and Temporary unavailability of email accounts


Web Based Bulk Email Marketing Software

Dedicated/Private SMTP Server

Email Verifier Service

Email Processor Software





We accept Paypal, Credit Card, Pecunix, Perfect Money and Payza payment options. To place your order, simply click on the See Pricing & Buy button below and choose your desired service. After completing your order, your account will be setup within 1-2 hrs. A confirmation email with details of your service will be sent.


Disclaimer: does not support or promote SPAMMING. Our services are geared towards legitimate businesses for their email marketing needs and who strictly adhere to the CAN SPAM laws. We do not support spammers and strictly forbid anyone to use our services for sending unsolicited spam email. By subscribing and using our services, you agree to use it legally.


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